Cello Lessons with Eunice

Cello Lessons with Eunice

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Dear Fellow Musicians,

I would love to share my passion for music with all who are interested.
I have always enjoyed teaching and engaging with my students of all ages, ethnicities, background, and professions.

I am currently pursuing a Masters of Specialized Performance in Orchestra in ZHDK, and in the past I have studied in UCLA in California, and the Menuhin Academy in Rolle.
I have taught in music academies such as the Beverly Hills Conservatory and Soma Music Academy in California, as well as private students in both US and Switzerland.

Let’s make music together!
I can teach in English and Korean,

All ages and levels are welcome 🙂

„Music exists for the purpose of growing an admirable heart…“


Eunice S. Heo
(Wattsapp is also possible:))

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